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  • Dry Haircut

    Standard haircut for all ages. Using clippers on the back & sides and sizzors on the top.

    For all ages.

    Foe Adults: neck shaved with cut throat blade, ears, eyebrows trimmed.

    If you havemt had a haircut in a while and need a longer appointment, please choose a restyle 

    15 minutes, £17.00

  • The Greatest Showman

    Any Haircut or Head Shave by one of our Levle 3 Master Barbers with a Luxury Beard Cut or Hot Towel Shave with the cut throat blade finish with a cold towel and soothing moisturiser, ears, eyebrows and noise trimmed.

    Hair Washed, Styled & Dryed, using Osmo Products





    1 hour 15 minutes, £50.00

  • Full Head With Foils

    Full head trimed 0 then all over using the foil trimmer. Neck shave, eyebrows & ears trimmed

    15 minutes, £17.00

  • Traditional Scissor Haircut

    Standard Traditional: Haircut using scissors & trim the neck with detailers or wet shave with the cut throat blade

    For all ages.

    For adults: eyebrows, ears trimed if needed & neck shaved

    30 minutes, £20.00

  • 0.5 Fade

    Using the 0.5 blade & detailer, cut troaght blade on the back of the neck. Using Scissors on tne top

    30 minutes, £19.00

  • Clipper Buzz Cut (One Grade)

    All over clipper cut with one gard size, All ages.

    For adults: neck shave, eybrows  ears. 

    15 minutes, £15.00

  • The Mullet

    The mullet is a hairstyle in whitch the hair is cut short at the front sides from a skinfade to a number 2 gard, but is longer at the back.Neck shaved with detailler or wet cut throat blade  All ages.

    30 minutes, £17.00

  • Skinfade

    Modern Skinfade using 0 gard & the foils. Fading high, medium or low> Using the cut throat blade on the back of the neck. Scissor cut and blend on the top.

    30 minutes, £20.00

  • Hair Wash and Dry/Styled

    Was with Shalon Shampoo & Conditioner, Blow Dry, Then finished off with a Qualiy Osmo Product,

    30 minutes, £15.00

  • Mohawk

    Done by one of our Highest Level  Master Barbers. Both sides of the head Shaved with cut blade, and the center with sissors


    45 minutes, £35.00

  • Hair Cut. Wash & Styled

    Regular Hairrcut, Back of Neck Wet Shaved with the Cut Throaght Blade, then  Washed with Salon Shampoo & Conditioner, then Blow Dry & Finished with an Osmo produted of your choice.

    45 minutes, £25.00

  • Male Waxing

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  • Back Wax

    30 minutes, £30.00

  • Chest Wax

    30 minutes, £35.00

  • BSC

    1 hour, £60.00

  • Intimate Areas (Per Side)

    45 minutes, £30.00

  • Eyebrows

    15 minutes, £7.00

  • Half Arms

    30 minutes, £15.00

  • One Hour Swedish Full Body Massage

    Available Tuesday and Wednesdays only 

    1 hour, £60.00

  • Beards & Shaves

  • Standard Beard Trim With Shape Up

    Beard trim and shape up,Using your chosen number guard, Luxury Face Steamer, Hot Toweel, Cut Throat Blade on the cheeks & neck. Shave on the neck with the cut throaght blade on the neck followed by a Cold Towel and moisturiser and oils

    15 minutes, £15.00

  • Luxury Hot Towel Shave

    By one of our Higher Level 3 Master Barbers: Luxury Hot Towel Shave:

    Fist a Luxury Face Steam, then a Hot Towle remove all hair from face, hot towel, wet shave with cut throat & safty blade, Cold Towel, finish with moisturiser and Relaxing Face Massage. 

    30 minutes, £20.00

  • Basic Beard Trim

    Beard trim using clipper with your chosen gaurd  & detailer shaping the edges  

    15 minutes, £10.00

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  • Restyle

    When you are changing your style or haven't had a haircut in a while, or just need  extra time on your appointment for any reason such as having a patten.

    For all ages.

    45 minutes, £25.00

  • Luxury Hot Towle Head Shave

    By one of our Higher Levele 3 Master Barbers: 0 Clippers all over the head, Hot Towel, Wet Shave with cut blade, Cold Towel, Finish with quality moisturiser.

    30 minutes, £20.00

  • Haircut of Your Choice, Beard Trim & Shape Up

    Haircut of your Chouce,  Beard Trim & Shape Up; 

     Using: clippers, scissors, foils, detailers and cut throaght  blade, then Styled

    30 minutes, £25.00

  • Haircut and Basic Beard Trim

    Standard haircut, clippers back and sides, trim on top with scissors, with a beard trim using clippers and detailer

    30 minutes, £20.00

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Special Hair Cuts

    This is a special offer for a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday standard hair cut 

    15 minutes, £13.00

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